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Picture of the day News: March 25, 2005, link to picture of the day added.
News: May 14, 2005, site updated, new levels.
From the author, supertanker13

This site was created just because me and my father love playing Shogo. A year ago I got a complaint that the map was a duplicate on another game, and someone told me to "post it on my own site. Well, thats what I have done. I hope you enjoy this site.

Picture of the day: Oh Crap!
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    Tell me what you think! If you have any sugestions or want to post a map, Email me at
If you want to post your own map here, email me the map in a zip file, along with a readme. Use the subject "Postmapshogo" without the quotes. This will allow me to sort requests and will make posting easier. Please do not submit your own name if you are unsure of your privacy. Use a nickname instead. Also, if you want to submit a pic of the day, again, Email me.

Warning: Use these at your own risk. I assume no responsibility for any media from this site that may cause negative effects on your computer.

Deathmatch levels
Level                                       Info                                        Author                                             Download
Complezx.dat Info Not Available supertanker13 Download
Shogo 6 Pak
Click for Info
Steven Delrue
Click for Info
Kurt L. (aka MeG@LoN)
Ventshafts Click for Info supertanker13 Download
ReactorCore Click for Info supertanker13 Download

CO-OP levels
Co-op modification
CO-Op mod v1.2
MCA_SPIRES_ACID1.0 CO-OP ACID mod 1.0 supertanker13 Download